The meeting of all German-speaking physics departments, in short ZaPFZaPF is the national meeting of physics student councils. At the same time, the ZaPF is also the meeting of all German-speaking student bodies, so the student bodies from Switzerland and Austria are also part of it! As a representation between the biannual ZaPFs, the StAPF (standing committee of all physics student bodies) is elected at each ZaPF to represent the ZaPF.

ZaPF is held once a semester. The summer-ZaPF is held between wednesday and sunday, while the winter-ZaPF is between thursday and sunday. During the ZaPF, working groups take place in which certain topics are discussed. They exchange ideas, try to solve problems of other student councils or draft resolutions on certain topics (such as teacher training, the CHE ranking or similar) which are then passed by the entire ZaPF. All resolutions that have been passed so far can be found here on the ZaPF e.V. website.

Another important aspect is networking with each other and working together and also having fun. Since the ZaPF is hosted by a different student council each time, one day is designed to go on excursions and get to know the city.

The last time ZaPF took place in Dresden was in winter 2016, before that in summer 2011.

The ZaPF provides a wiki that is mainly used as working platform during the ZaPF and to provide comprehensive informations on the ZaPF topics.